English Summary

English Summary

Kliknutím na reklamu přispějete na provoz blogu několika korunami


Světloblog is a Czech website and blog about lighting. Its goal is to present technical information in a clear and accessible manner. The core of Světloblog are basic facts about lighting of homes including an interactive tutorial on choosing the most appropriate lamp for a given space. The blog also has many up-to-date articles, tests, guides and tips on lighting of homes.

Světloblog also offers information on proffesional lighting, an energy efficiency class calculator, calculation tool of maintenance factor, news regarding European ecodesign etc.

Světloblog is written by Michal Staša. He graduated from the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague, Czech Republic specializing in light and lighting. He has worked as a lighting designer and now works as a consultant in energy efficiency. He focuses on street lighting, industry lighting, ecodesign and home lighting. He has worked on many lighting projects including energy audits of street lighting systems, on cost and energy saving projects in industrial buildings and theatres and on many explanatory publications on lighting.